Play The Drums

Practice pad and drum sticks

Practice pad and drum sticks

You would be extremely surprised if you picked up some drum sticks and started jamming on the drums. It’s actually a great workout for your whole body because you are always moving and getting faster and faster.

Part of the reason I started playing the drums was because they were easier to pick up and play compared to a guitar or piano. I have always enjoyed listening to music and the drums are great if you can keep a rhythm but yet you can’t read music at all or at least too well. I haven’t played for awhile but I still use a practice drumming pad to practice because the actual drum set is quite loud.

When you are playing, your arms and legs and even your torso get an excellent workout. I break a sweat when I play and it’s great cardio and this is coming from someone who likes to run and ride bikes.

Drumming is a pretty inexpensive hobby, especially if you just want to get a practice pad to play on and buy a couple sticks, which is a great way to build up strength to be able to play faster.

I blog about creative ways to start active and this one is a little off the subject, but then at the same time it’s a great way to combine being active and music at the same time. No matter what I’m doing I usually have head phones on listening to music anyways.

Music is a huge motivator for me because it keeps my mind off of being tired and gets me pumped up to continue working out, especially if I’m running or riding a bike.

I hope that this post will open up your mind about drumming and music in general. If anything, I want to promote listening to music while you are being active and it will make your activities that much more enjoyable. Hope you all have a great day!


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