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Vitamin Junkie!

From Flintstone Vitamins as a child, I have continuously been a fan of vitamins.

There are many vitamins and dietary supplements on the market and they each have different benefits that can be beneficial to the body. It is certain vitamins that your body needs that are provided through the foods we eat, however, taking a supplement can ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs. It is most commonly said that including a multivitamin in your daily diet can provide a number of health benefits and can increase energy throughout the day. Read the rest of this entry


H2O – How much water do you drink?

 Many of us tend to drink soda and other sweet drinks when we get thirsty; forgetting that water is our number one form of healthy drink and hydration that we can have.

But, why is water good for our body?  Did you know that water can help you with weight-loss and energy along with other positive effects in your body.

By saying water can help you with weight-loss I do not mean doing the extreme water diet, in which you do nothing else but drink water for three days. NO, NO, NO.

H2O is a fantastic form of hydration, and the best thing … it contains zero calories. By replacing sodas, juice, liquor, or any other type of sweet drinks with water you are minimizing the calorie intake per day. Also, there are times in which we are thirsty, but because our thirst mechanism is not as strong as the one for hunger and has similar symptoms such as feeling weak, dizzy, etc… it is easy to confuse these two.  Water can work as a suppressant and Read the rest of this entry

Eating Healthy while Traveling

As a person who is trying to eat healthier and make better food choices, I was worried about my upcoming trip to Italy. The greatest concern was not being able to eat healthy while on the road. However, I found that with a little research, eating healthy is possible, although not easy to find. Eating organic food is important to me because that means there are no chemicals, GMO’s and /or growth hormones in the food.

In a recent visit to San Gimignano, I visited Fattoria Poggio Alloro, an organic farm in a beautiful setting surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and fields. The farm produces wine, oil, and cereals. My dinner consisted of homemade pasta, olive oil, four different types of wine, a variety of cheeses, and cured meats. When I tasted the food, I could immediately notice a difference. This was not your regular supermarket pasta. This one tasted as something my grandma would make. Read the rest of this entry