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Play The Drums

Practice pad and drum sticks

Practice pad and drum sticks

You would be extremely surprised if you picked up some drum sticks and started jamming on the drums. It’s actually a great workout for your whole body because you are always moving and getting faster and faster.

Part of the reason I started playing the drums was because they were easier to pick up and play compared to a guitar or piano. I have always enjoyed listening to music and the drums are great if you can keep a rhythm but yet you can’t read music at all or at least too well. I haven’t played for awhile but I still use a practice drumming pad to practice because the actual drum set is quite loud. Read the rest of this entry


H2O – How much water do you drink?

 Many of us tend to drink soda and other sweet drinks when we get thirsty; forgetting that water is our number one form of healthy drink and hydration that we can have.

But, why is water good for our body?  Did you know that water can help you with weight-loss and energy along with other positive effects in your body.

By saying water can help you with weight-loss I do not mean doing the extreme water diet, in which you do nothing else but drink water for three days. NO, NO, NO.

H2O is a fantastic form of hydration, and the best thing … it contains zero calories. By replacing sodas, juice, liquor, or any other type of sweet drinks with water you are minimizing the calorie intake per day. Also, there are times in which we are thirsty, but because our thirst mechanism is not as strong as the one for hunger and has similar symptoms such as feeling weak, dizzy, etc… it is easy to confuse these two.  Water can work as a suppressant and Read the rest of this entry